Illovo Sugar Africa, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods Plc, is a leading Pan-African agri-business focused on sugar production and related products. As the largest sugar producer in Africa, the company operates in seven countries with extensive agri-business operations in six countries and marketing and distribution operations in one. Illovo Sugar Africa supplies a diverse range of sugar products to domestic and regional markets, including high sea exports to international customers. In addition to sugar, the company produces syrup and various downstream products.

One of Illovo’s key initiatives is its internal electricity generation, utilizing bio-renewable boiler-feedstock from cane fiber residue to ensure reliable and cost-effective energy supply to its operations. The company also aims to export power to the national grids of the countries it operates in, contributing to sustainable energy practices.

Illovo Sugar Africa prides itself on its values-driven leadership, talent management, and learning and development processes. The company emphasizes employee growth and achievement through its customized Engaged Performance Management Approach. Safety is a top priority, and the company has implemented a Group-wide safety program called “Illovo Safe,” which focuses on creating a safe working environment in compliance with occupational health and safety legislation.

As a major private investor in Africa, Illovo operates in countries facing significant challenges such as poverty, unemployment, inequality, and disease. The company has a positive impact on rural communities by creating jobs, providing economic opportunities, and offering support in various areas such as healthcare, education, accommodation, and basic services. Illovo also engages in community outreach programs, provides medical care to communities, and supports education, municipal services, and access to water and sanitation. The company aims to deliver value to customers and consumers while promoting sustainable agricultural and manufacturing processes and supporting the needs and aspirations of communities through its Thriving African Community purpose.