Illovo Sugar Africa, believes that safety is an essential ingredient in the recipe for a successful business. At all 11 sugar mills and 14 manufacturing sites, Illovo is consistently committed to driving safety and sustainability throughout our operations. In addition, Illovo aims to create shared value by developing occupational health and safety systems strategies that are shared across the group.

From Monday 3rd April to Thursday 6th April 2023, Zambia Sugar held its second annual Safety Week event prior to the commencement of the milling season. The event was established last year to raise awareness and understanding of the value of safety and health programmes in places of work.

The 2023 theme was “Safety Driven Leadership Values in Action” with a focus on Safety Conversations. These conversations involved visitations to injury sites with the injured employees narrating their ordeal, what went wrong and what corrective action has since been taken to avoid recurrence. This brought the incidences / accidents to life and also sharing them made all present realise that safety is not by chance but by action to ensure  These conversations took place on day one in the factory / supply chain and day two in Agriculture. Some of the sessions were very emotional.

The Country Managing Director, Mr Magwenzi referred to our Zambia Sugar Vision that says “To be a safe, healthy and respectful workplace, a beautiful estate and a diversified agribusiness which is the best at serving customers”. Our vison begins with “safety” to emphasize the importance of safety in our business.

Day three was characterised by CMD’s message to the leadership teams with D2 and above in the morning session and FLM’s in the afternoon. In his speech CMD stressed the importance of employees and contractors returning home the way they came to work.

He stressed the importance of action in all safety matters and not just talk which would and had not given results in the past.

The contractors also had a session on Thursday morning where the CMD stressed the partnership role they play with Zambia Sugar and should always remember the partnership includes strict adherence to our safety rules.

The afternoon was the award ceremony for employees and contractors who went over and above in the year passed to uphold safety in the Zambia Sugar Operations. Over 150 received awards at this event graced by Mr Fidelis Banda a member of the Zambia Sugar Board.

Awards were given in the following categories:

Leadership behaviour and commitment

SHE REP of the year

Security & Emergency responder of the year

First aiders of the year

Best display of green safety behaviour

Stopping for Safety

Occupational health & wellness

Quality & Food Safety

Enterprise risk

SHERQ Innovation




Overall winner

The overall winner of the year was TEAM Winning Outbound Logistics Organisation. WOLO, for the second year running.

The week was a great success that engaged the business and made people stop for safety

Contractors that received awards for the key safety excellence

Ferdi Engineering

Quamech Engineering Limited

Brytech Engineering