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Zambia Sugar PLCZambia Sugar PLCZambia Sugar PLC
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Mazabuka, Zambia
Zambia Sugar PLCZambia Sugar PLCZambia Sugar PLC


At A Glance

Zambia Sugar Plc, the largest single mill cane sugar producer in Africa, was established in 1964. It is listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange with 75% of its shares held by the Illovo Sugar Africa Group and the balance by institutional and private investors.  The Nakambala agricultural and factory operations are based at Mazabuka in the south-west of the country, with the capacity to produce 450 000 tons of raw and refined sugar from cane supplied by our own operations, approximately 1.9 million tons, with 1.5 million tons delivered to the factory by our small to large-scale growers.

As the country’s leading sugar producer, Zambia Sugar’s primary focus is on the domestic market, producing a wide range of sugar products under its Whitespoon brand name, including Vitamin-A enriched direct consumption sugar (refined, brown and household), raw sugar for industrial customers; syrup and speciality sugars as well as Molasses for both local and export markets.  The company also exports sugar to nearby regional African markets. Installed power/electricity generation capacity stands at 40MW for factory, irrigation and residential use. With 6000 employees at peak season we are the largest employer in Southern Province.

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