The Nakambala Factory has a rich history that spans over a century. The factory was established in 1907 by Sir Robert Williams and was initially known as the Nakambala Estate. The estate was established to cultivate sugar cane for the nearby railway construction projects.

In 1969, the Nakambala Estate was acquired by the Zambia Sugar Company, which expanded the sugar cane cultivation operations and established the Nakambala Factory as the heart of its sugar production operations.

Over the years, the Nakambala Factory has undergone several upgrades and modernizations to ensure that we use the latest technology and best practices in our operations. In 2009, we completed a major expansion project that increased our sugar cane crushing capacity and improved our production processes.

In addition to producing high-quality sugar products, the Nakambala Factory is also committed to promoting sustainable agriculture and to contributing to the well-being of our stakeholders and the communities where we operate. We work closely with local farmers and communities to promote sustainable agriculture and to provide training and support. We also develop infrastructure and provide clean water and sanitation facilities to promote social development and economic empowerment.

Zambia Sugar Timeline


Tate & Lyle develops the Nakambala tateas Zambia Sugar Company.


Sugar production begins and the raw sugar is sent to ndola for refining.


ndustrial Development Corporation (INDECO) TAKES A 51%STAKE in Zambia Sugar


INDECO raised holding to 78% whilst Tate & Lyle Retained 10.8% shareholding and provided technical and managerial services.


Operations consolidated at Nakambala tate, and the refinery moved to Nakambala in Ndola.


Zambia Sugar privatizes and Tate & Lyle comes the major shareholder with a 50.9% stake,whilst Commonwealth Development Corporation(CDC) takes a 31% stake.


Successfully listed on the Lusaka Stock Exchange as Zambia Sugar Plc. Zambians were able to successfully buy shares in the company.


Illovo Sugar Limited acquires the 50.9% Tate & Lyle shares, and as required raw, makes a mandatory offer to minority shareholders and thereby increases its shareholding to 89.71%. Through continuous improvement and investment,illovo raised sugar production from below 190,0000 tonnes at the time of acquisition to around 240,000 tonnes prior..Read More


The Nakambala Expansion Project was launched. The agriculture and milling expansion was completed on schedule in April 2009 and was commissioned on 9 December 2009, as the largest single investment made in the Zambia agricultural industry to that date.  The expansion effectively doubled the cane crushing capacity of the factory,..Read More


The company acquired a controlling interest in Nanga Farms Plc (’Nanga’) a cane growing company, located adjacent to the Nakambala Estate, and currently producing around 350,000 tonnes of sugarcane. To fund the acquisition of Nanga and meet other capital requirements, the Company made a Rights Issue in that year which..Read More

A member of Illovo Sugar Company Africa.