Environmental Management continued to be a key area of focus during the period under review. There were no penalties from the regulators due to non- compliance. The Company endeavours to move from compliance to performance based on the firm conviction that it is the right thing to do, and the Company is able to set internal standards of its own, with support from Illovo Sugar Africa Group and ABF Group, and continue to benchmark against these standards.

Environmental performance indicators were within specification on wastewater discharged to the aquatic environment and potable water distributed within the networks. Boiler and incinerator emissions were also compliant. The Company continues to focus on improved measures to manage dust emissions. An action plan which includes both short and long-term plans is being implemented to install new filters on the boilers.

The Company’s Safety Programme will continue to enhance safety awareness by including refresher courses for leaders on the fundamentals of SHERQ through the Illovo Safe Academy