We are a diversified international food, ingredients, and retail group with a strong global presence. With sales of £13.9 billion and operations in 53 countries across Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia, we strive to provide safe, nutritious, and affordable food and clothing that offers great value for money. Our reach extends to customers in over 100 countries, allowing us to cater to a diverse range of needs and preferences.

AB Sugar, a division within ABF, manages our extensive sugar interests worldwide. As one of the largest sugar producers globally, AB Sugar holds a prominent position in the industry. Illovo Sugar Africa, part of AB Sugar, stands as the largest cane sugar producer in Africa, while British Sugar serves as the sole processor of the UK sugar beet crop. Together, our sugar operations produce around 4.5 million tonnes of sugar annually, contributing significantly to the global sugar market.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of products derived from sugar cane and beet processing. In addition to sugar, we produce ethanol, which is used as a blending component for petrol and alcoholic beverages. Our animal feed products benefit from molasses, betaine, raffinate, and vinasse, while our horticultural operations yield valuable ingredients for children’s medicine. As a responsible corporate citizen, AB Sugar is also actively involved in renewable power generation, selling surplus electricity to local grids.

At ABF, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability and minimizing waste. We sell our products to various industry sectors, including food and drink, fuels, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, horticulture, power, and energy. We believe in leveraging our resources and expertise to deliver value to our stakeholders consistently.

To provide transparency and insights into our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, we have developed a series of “ESG Insights” downloads on our website. These resources highlight the importance of key issues to ABF and showcase the progress we are making in these areas.

Additionally, ABF’s horticulture business plays a significant role in producing a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis that is specifically cultivated for medical purposes. Each year, we harvest enough of this crop to aid in the treatment of thousands of children globally.