Zambia Sugar Plc. has consolidated over the years and owns Africa’s largest single cane sugar mill based at Nakambala Estate in the Mazabuka District of the Southern Province in Zambia. The Company is listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange (LuSE) and is a subsidiary of Illovo Sugar Africa (Pty) LTD. Illovo Sugar Africa which has a 75% stake and is Africa’s biggest sugar producer with extensive agricultural and manufacturing operations in six other African countries. Illovo is wholly owned by Associated British Foods plc. which acquired a 100% stake of the company in 2016

Zambia Sugar grows sugar cane at Nakambala Sugar Estate on 17 000 hectares of land and outgrowers on an additional 12 000 hectares supply 40% sugar cane grown. Over 3 million tonnes of sugar cane is delivered to the factory for crushing per annum

We have a permanent complement of above 1500 and a seasonal labour force of upto 4000 at peak of season; and house an estate population exceeding 16 000. Our production capacity stands at 450 000 tonnes of sugar annually and Refinery capacity stands at 90 000 tonnes of refined sugar annually. Installed power/electricity generation capacity stands at 40MW for factory, irrigation and residential use (from bagasse a by-product)

All our products are marketed under the WHITESPOON brand which is undergirded by stringent quality & food safety standards.

Zambia Sugar gives priority to the safety and health of its employees, Zambia Sugar launched the Target Zero safety programme in 2015 which ensures safety at the workplace. Zambia Sugar also ensures that sound environmental practices are in place. The Company has an outstanding record in environmental, health and safety standards and maintains safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working conditions.

Building A Thriving Community

Zambia Sugar is a development partner investing in meaningful socio-economic initiatives to build a Thriving Community. The company is involved in various interventions to create direct and indirect employment.Read more>>

Target Zero Culture

Zambia Sugar Plc has an enviable reputation in environmental, health and safety standards and endeavours to maintain safe, healthy and environmentally friendly conditions in every work station.  Read More >>

Collaborating to create shared value

Zambia Sugar is realising its Creating Shared Value approach through collaboration with major stakeholders to create small enterprises and other opportunities in the communities  Read More>> >>