Industrial & Artisinal Customers

Whether you’re a bakery, café, restaurant, dairy and ice-cream makers, carbonated beverages, squash and cordial manufacturers and sweets manufacturing, our range of high-quality sugars is available in bulk quantities to satisfy your sweet demands. Sweeten your business in style with  Whitespoon ’ Industrial Sugar.


Zambia Sugar also manufacters industrial sugar sold under the Whitespoon Brand. The company is committed to providing world class quality sugar products which meet international standards such as the ISO 9001: 2008 and Bottlers Grade Standards Sugar. Whitespoon Industrial Sugar range is mainly used in the confectionery and beverages industry and comes in bulk packaging; 50 Kg and 1075 Kg bags respectively. The range includes the following:

Refined Bottlers Grade Sugar(Supplied to international specifications)

Industrial Refined Sugar

Industrial Brown Sugar, and

Industrial Household Sugar