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Mazabuka, Zambia

The CSV approach involves incorporating stakeholder management, particularly engaging with communities and small businesses in our value chain to exploit opportunities that present shared value tenets for sustainability.

As a premier agro-processing enterprise, creator of wealth and a major employer, Zambia Sugar plays a significant economic role, contributing towards empowering emerging businesses and supplementing government’s efforts to improve socio-economic development. Zambia Sugar also creates value in its production processes, from growing raw material to producing, distributing and marketing sugar for consumption. This value chain creates multiple benefits to suppliers, contractors, distributors, customers and employees, and contributes to government through both direct and indirect taxes. Additionally, Zambia Sugar contributes to foreign exchange earnings for the country through its significant exports to both the regional and European markets.

The company supports communities through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives. However, in an effort to create more impact, Zambia Sugar has embarked on a step-change from a CSI focus to a Creating Shared Value (CSV) Strategy, adopting developmental and inclusive approaches to cultivate more value from both employee-related and wider community investments.