Zambia Sugar is a sugar manufacturing company, driven by its vision to be a diversified, consumer-centric, world-class sugar and sugar related business, delivering shareholder value and creating thriving communities

EMPOWERMENT | Empowering our people


We are committed to the development of our people through the continued acquisition of new knowledge and skills. We use various methodologies to enhance the learning experience and the transfer of skills. We earn each other’s trust, provide constructive feedback and hold ourselves and others accountable for performance development.

INCLUSIVENESS | Embracing diversity


We leverage on our diversity in order to maximise performance by actively supporting transformation initiatives. Because we value innovation, creativity and inclusion, we respect each other’s opinions and perspectives, treat people with dignity and respect and build culturally diverse teams.

COMMITMENT | Working collaboratively


We are committed to the success of the whole and together look for ways to co-operate and support each other even when the immediate benefit is one-way. We value strong networks and working relationships that are underpinned by teamwork, open communication, trust and respect. We invest time and other resources to build and nurture high performing team

INTEGRITY | Upholding our values

We consistently live our values, treat all individuals in a fair and consistent manner as well as act in accordance with ethical guidelines and statutory requirements. We are welcomed by the communities in which we operate, are trusted by investors and our employees are proud to work for us.

ACCOUNTABILITY | Delivery focused

We find ways to break through resistance and obstacles and strive to seek new methods in order to continuously improve. We align our day-to-day work with the Illovo vision and strategic intent and our objectives, action plans and commitments are delivery focused. We also engage in celebrating our achievements.


To produce & market quality sugar & downstream products at low cost that satisfy customer requirements, provide opportunities for meaningful work for employees & ensure sustainable returns to shareholders, whilst contributing positively to society & the environment.