Zambia Sugar supports the 2019 anti-drug abuse commemorations August 12, 2019 by zambiasugar

Zambia Sugar supports the 2019 anti-drug abuse commemorations August 12, 2019 by zambiasugar

May 11, 2020

 However there is lit­tle or no activity (especially in the rural areas) available to the youth to expend their energies. Unfortunately some do turn to vic­es that are detrimental to their health like drug and alcohol abuse. In an effort to provide avenues for the youth to expend their ener­gies Zambia Sugar has various sporting activities available to the youth through the Nakambala Inter Township Association. There are also empowerment activities available to the youth to undertake. The Lubombo road project is another initiative helping to keep youth from engaging in illicit activities due to lack of em­ployment and recreation facilities. We would like to build on this by creating awareness on dangers of substance abuse. Therefore it was a natural choice for Zambia Sugar to support the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in their commem­oration activities of the 2019 World Anti-Drug Day which falls on 26 June 2019. The donation included 3 bales of sugar, 30 blankets and Illovo thriving community branded metal cups.

Due to the aforementioned Zambia Sugar plans on collaborating with the DEC to extend their educational campaign programmes to the Estate youth and educational establishments. These include the formation of Anti-drug abuse clubs, roadshows/sensitisation activi­ties to employees, schools and the estate population. This partner­ship is envisaged to ensure that the Estate and our operations are declared a drug abuse and alcohol abuse free zone. We also hope to engage the DEC to set up counselling services for adults and youths who require assistance to break-free from their abuse. This fits into our agenda to developing thriving communities free of these vices. And DEC Southern Province Regional Commander Elizabeth Mum­ba thanked Zambia Sugar for supporting the 2019 International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking activities which were fo­cused on children between 6 to 14years under the theme, Health for Justice and Justice for Health. Ms Mumba said the response from Zambia Sugar demonstrates its commitment to ensuring a healthy community in the environment in which it operates.


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